About Us


Mission Statement: 
To eliminate and prevent homelessness through collaborative planning, advocacy and funding of a system of housing and supportive services.

Vision Statement:
Within ten years, every Siouxlander will have a safe, permanent place to live and will be living as self-sufficiently as possible

Board Members:

Susan McGuire, Chair 

Frank Tenuta, Vice Chair 

Wendy Jackson, Treasurer 

Amy Keairns, Lead Agency, Secretary 

Kristine Bornholtz 

Jennifer Jackson

Rhonda Jordal

Alison Justice

Allison Larson 

Alice Mollet 

Connie Noreen 

Monica Rosenthal 

Terri Sturges 

Joe Twidwell

Major Von Vandiver


Bylaws (pdf)


Conflict of Interest Policy (pdf)


Governance Charter (pdf)